Costos de la desercion escolar

Muy interesante un estudio publicado hace unos días sobre los costos de la deserción escolar en Canadá.

Algunos datos interesantes

  • Social Assistance: The average public cost of providing social assistance (e.g., benefits for food, fuel, shelter, clothing and special needs, as well as work incentive programs) is estimated at over $4,000 per year per high school dropout, or $969 million per year.
  • Crime: The annual cost to the criminal justice system (not only related to incarceration) is estimated at over $220 per high school dropout, or $350 million per year.

Among annual costs to the individual:

  • Health: A high school dropout enjoys fewer years at a reasonable quality of life. This is because there are strong associations between education and health across a range of illnesses (e.g., cancer, diabetes). Combining morbidity and mortality costs, there is an estimated cost to the individual dropout of more than $8,000 per year.
  • Labour and Employment: A high school dropout can expect an income loss of over $3,000 per year, compared to individuals with a high school diploma (and no post-secondary education).